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Maple is the wood preferred by more pro players. Why? A ball hit with a maple wood bat will travel, on average, about 10-15 feet further than a ball hit with an ash bat. It is simple physics: the harder the object (a maple bat), the more energy gets transferred to the object it strikes (a baseball). The pop, sound and feel of crushing the ball with a maple bat is awesome. The added benefit of maple bats is for the hitter who miss-hits further down the barrel. A maple bat holds up best to such shots, far better than ash bats or even birch bats.

While a maple bat delivers the most pop and is the hardest wood that still allows for proper weight (critical to swing form), it does have two down sides. First, maple bats do not do well with the end of barrel miss-hits. If you are prone to such, go with a birch bat or an ash bat. Second, for those who want as big a sweet spot as possible, maple bats have about 1-2” less width of optimal hitting area versus ash bats. For the novice wood bat hitter, we recommend a birch bat as it is close to maples’ pop, but with a little more give to better handle end of barrel shots and with a little more sweet spot.

For looks, nothing beats the engraving and colors on a maple bat. They pop on the tight-grained maple wood. For power guys, who know how to hit with wood, there is no other choice. And for those who get jammed a lot (while not hitting off the barrel end), a maple bat is a must.


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