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Fungos are used by coaches to hit grounders and fly balls during practice. The best fungo bat is substantially lighter than a game bat, making it easier to hit the ball, more often.

In our years of crafting wood fungo bats, the drop weights used (length - drop weight = ounces) best balance ease of swing with durability. For example, a 34” all-purpose fungo (the most popular length) is 22 ounces.

Most coaches prefer a wood fungo bat as it gives the most control to hit to specific spots on the field.

The traditional metal bat-style knob on the pro fungo is good for those with sweaty hands, as the knob will catch your hand if it slips. It’s preferred by most “old school” coaches. However, after a lengthy practice, your bottom hand can become quite uncomfortable because of the knob banging against it. The flared knob on the coach’s fungo bat addresses that issue. Our customers prefer the flared knob fungo by a 4:1 margin.

Pro and coach’s fungo bats are dual purpose: used for infield and outfield practice. Should you desire a fungo bat to really rip the ball to infielders, consider the infield fungo. It’s heavier and thicker through the middle to give more oomph. It also is the design used for the best fungo bat for softball coaches, due to the ball being bigger.

Whether you’re looking for a fungo bat as a post-season gift for a coach or for you to work out your team, we’re confident you’ll love your Phoenix Bats fungo for a long time.