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More About Wood Softball Bats

Softball pitching is advancing much faster than the hitting in the game. This is partly because the skills of softball hitters have declined due to advances in bat technology that cover up sub-par swings. It is a fact that wooden softball bats can improve hitting skills by strengthening wrists, improving bat control and by teaching a hitter to find the sweet spot with any swing. Take a wooden softball bat into a cage and see how the results will pile up on game day.

There are several softball leagues across the country, fast-pitch and slow-pitch, that have turned to wood bats in order to level the playing field and make it more about hitting skills than technology. We believe you don't have to sacrifice the quality of the hitting tool when making the change to a wood softball bat. Phoenix Bats offer the highest quality wood softball bats on the market, with a focus on maple wood softball bats over ash softball bats for extra durability and pop.

Give a model a try and if your hitting doesn't improve within 10 days, or you aren't completely satisfied, return it as part of the Phoenix Risk-Free Guarantee for a full refund. Offer details.

ASA Standards for Wood Softball Bats: All Phoenix Bats softball bats meet ASA standards for wood softball bats (see Rule 3), which require a maximum 2-1/4" diameter barrel. To keep the umpires happy, we mark our wooden softball bats with "Official Softball" "ASA Compliant".