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More About Vintage Baseball Bats

Vintage baseball bats represent Phoenix Bats’ beginning. 25+ years ago, our Founder started hand-crafting wood bats for the Ohio Historical Society’s “house” team, the Muffins. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Charley brought vintage wooden baseball bats back to life. (Okay, technically base ball was two words years ago).

Nationally recognized, Charley’s commitment to vintage baseball covers 4 eras. It starts with the old wooden baseball bats of the 1850s-1860s, transitions to the lengths of the 1870s-1890s, moves to heavier bats in the early 1900’s, ending with the mid-1900s with length and weight difference coming back down.

For more about vintage baseball and the bats used, check out our blog posts on The History of The Wooden Baseball Bat and 6 Facts About Vintage League Baseball.