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More About Youth Baseball Bats (USA compliant)

The Right Bat, At The Right Weight. Compliant to USA Youth Baseball Bat (USABat) Standards.

It's never too early to get a wood bat in the hands of a young ballplayer. We insure that it's the right bat, at the right weight, to enable the youth to learn and excel. With the changes in standards for metal bats under the new 2018 USA Baseball Bat (USABat) standards, impacting a large number of leagues, there is no better time to go with the more affordable and safer wood USA youth bat. It's simple: if the changing USA bat standards aim to make a bat perform more like a youth wood bat, give your player the advantage of swinging wood!

    • Metal and composite bats purchased before January 1, 2018 are no longer legal
    • All Phoenix Bats wood bats are LEGAL for use, per Rule 27 of the new USABats standards
    • Wood bats create a better swing for more hits plus deliver the greatest safety

Most young ballplayers dream of making it to the big leagues but haven't ever hit with a wooden bat. They miss out on the fun and improvement that comes with swinging wood. While metal bats mask a lot of swing issues, our youth bats give the feedback needed to become a better hitter. We guarantee you'll see the difference, even when using a metal bat.

All models of our youth wood bats (K455, K240 and K271) are crafted to insure a manageable weight to learn how to drive the ball. For youth, typically 11 years old or younger, the K240, K271 and K455 models offer a variety of lengths and a 2-1/4" barrel for all sizes of young wood bat hitters. The K455 is great for the sweet spot hitter (modeled after a pro series bat), the K240 is a little thicker in the middle for the less experienced, and the K271 is for the young power hitter. Our recommended choice for those moving from a metal to wood as part of the reaction to the USA youth bat standards change is the K240.

For the 12-13 year old, the DR100 and DR5S are perfect wood bats for that transitioning slugger who is looking to start the move towards high school ball, offering a 2-1/2" professional series size barrel, but at a more manageable length-to-weight differential (also known as drop weight) for the early teenager.