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Let's be honest, we are ALL enamored by the possibility of extra terrestrial existence. Those of us who have actually been abducted likely are still traumatized. NOW? They're talking about storming Area 51 to expose ALL the secrets? Be prepared with your own Phoenix Bats original: the ALIEN EXTRACTOR. While you won't be hitting any game balls with this bat, you sure as heck can carry your own during any invasion. Of course, you may just be a big fan of fake revolutions and aliens in general, and that's an okay reason to purchase as well (think of it as dual purpose....just in case).

Alien Extractor Wood Bat Stats:

Stats???? We're liberating the aliens here! It will get the job done (or look wicked at your desk or in the man cave).
Each wood bat, typically varying in specifications, will be all natural hardwood of maple, ash or birch.
Weight of each? Let's just say this: way too light and you'll never break into Area 51; way too heavy and you'll never break into Area 51. Let's be honest, you're not breaking into Area 51. Get over it.

Production Time: Out the door in 2 days or less!

While all game bats are covered under Phoenix Bats Risk Free Guarantee, the Alien Extractor is not. You think we want the liability of you rushing Area 51? Keep playing your video games and punching drywall Kyle.

And since some grade A moron actually emailed us, complaining that we were advocating a revolution with a bat: "Phoenix Bats in no way supports liberating the aliens with a bat....unless the government finally gives in and opens the gates themselves".

A great way to show off your product in the man cave, at work or wherever this special keepsake deserves.
Our gallery-quality display starts at $12 and gives a wide range of options to choose from. Shop our diverse bat display options as an add-on!

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