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About the Baseball Shorty Live BP Trainer:

The popularity and endorsement of short-bat training is growing with more and more elite pro players using a short bat prior to their pre-game BP.  This began to grow when former Yankee Alex Rodriguez and his hitting coach Kevin Long shared their short bat drill series done with a low tee. The goal was to get the hitter more comfortable being closer to contact.  As a result, most coaches have adopted some version of short bat drill training to help master inside bat path, point of contact, staying on plane and bat speed development.

What makes the the 24" or 26" Baseball Shorty BP wood training bat unique versus many other training devices? USE DURING LIVE BP. While heavier, it trains hitters using a balanced regulation barrel bat.  The design ensures there is no sacrifice in swing quality.  So the hitter can work on many critical aspects to plate success: timing, bunting, being short to the ball, explosiveness, seeing the ball deep, two-strike hitting, engaging lower body, hand-eye coordination, keeping front shoulder in, avoiding dropping the back shoulder (aka dipping).

Phoenix Bats leveraged the 24 years of experience of pro hitting coach Aaron Hall of in the design, development and testing of this very versatile wood training bat for live batting practice.Over the years, Aaron has worked with thousands of players of every skill age. In doing so, he's run across virtually every mechanical, mental and visual problem AND bought/used or created every gadget imagined.  Some are good and some are bad.  Many only work on one skill at a time and are great for muscle-memory but could never be used in a cage.  Most don't replicate the feel of using a real game bat because of feel, weight, grip, or hitting surface.  The Baseball Shorty BP wood training bat does!  It's a premium wood bat that develops a mechanically sound, consistent and explosive swing by incorporating positive swing attributes into a player's live BP round.

Typical user:

  • Hitter wanting short length, broad use trainer for live BP
  • Ages 11+ to master level swing with improved bat path
  • Player seeking faster bat speed without giving up bat control

Baseball Shorty Live BP Trainer Specs:

: 2-3/4" over-sized diameter but short (about the size of the hitting area)
Handle: 15/16" standard diameter
Knob: standard button style to rest your hand on
Weight: 26+ ounces for 24" and 30+ ounces for 26"

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2 Reviews

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    Short Bat

    Published by Marvin Rosario on Wednesday October 21st 2020 11:08:09 AM

    The short bat came within 2 weeks which I found quick given the conditions. You can tell it was crafted carefully having an excellent finish and neat print on it. I have been using it with my travel team of 13 year olds, as well as lessons to help them get a better understanding of remaining connected. I love it! Great product and well made.

  • 5
    Phoenix Training Bats

    Published by Johnny Narron on Thursday September 24th 2020 02:28:39 PM

    NarronProHitting is utilizing the Phoenix 1&2 HANDED DRILLS PB43 WOOD BAT, 1 Handed Drills PB Wood Bat, and the SHORTY LIVE BP TRAINER in multiple lengths for our amateur and professional hitters.
    The bats are the best for quality, reliability, and performance.
    Brad Taylor and the Phoenix staff have done an excellent job with their timely service and response to our requests and needs.

    Thank You Phoenix Bats !

    Johnny Narron

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