Pro Baseball Players - Who Are They & Why Do They Swing Phoenix Bats?

Pro Baseball Players - Who Are They & Why Do They Swing Phoenix Bats?

Published by Phoenix Bats on Monday August 24th 2009 08:43:04 AM

All ball players dream of the day when they get to step to the plate in a professional game. But let’s stretch this dream a bit, take a step back, and go through the entire process of what it would be like to get an at bat in the big leagues. First you get that look from the manager who then, just like in the movies, points a boney finger in your direction near the end of the bench and says, “grab a bat, you’re on deck!” Now comes the part that not many players consider during their dreams of playing in the pros. What type of bat are you going to grab? We know it’s going to be wood, but will it be maple or ash, brown or black? We know one thing, if you dream of hitting a home run in your first big league at bat like All Star Hanley Ramirez did, your bat may be made by Phoenix.

Sluggers like Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera and Billy Butler have more in common than just heroics at the plate, each one carries a Phoenix Bat in his bag. Since Phoenix Bats was approved for big league use in 2000 more players have added a Phoenix to their selection in the bat rack. Other heroes that you may see rake a walk-off hit with a Phoenix Bat include rising star Jake Fox, and veterans like Alfonso Soriano, Darrin Erstad, Miguel Tejada or Elijah Dukes. The Northern White Ash that we use is perfect for a huge sweet spot that can help spray hitters like Erstad and Tejada continue to be productive in the pros. The Rock Maple can help big boppers like Guerrero and Butler get the pop they need for big home runs.

We have also made our mark on minors with some of the games hot, up and coming hitters swinging Phoenix Bats exclusively. Lars Anderson, a top 5 prospect in all of baseball, is just waiting for his first at bat in Fenway Park and will most likely be using one of our pieces of lumber at that moment. Anderson says that Phoenix Bats, “have a consistent balance, pop and feel that is superior to just about every bat I’ve used,” and he carries Maple and Ash models.

This means that we can deliver any bat that can help you get one step closer to your baseball dreams. We use the highest quality wood for big and little leaguers alike. Any bat you choose can be customized to your swing and returned within 10 days of purchase if it doesn’t fit, thanks to the Phoenix Challenge.