The 12 Wood Bats of Christmas

The 12 Wood Bats of Christmas

Published by Phoenix Bats on Wednesday November 11th 2009 08:33:20 AM

On the 12th day of Christmas Phoenix Bats gave to me:

12 Pieces of Phoenix bats gear, including hats, t-shirts and batting gloves.

11 Phiten necklaces, giving baseball players more body energy throughout a long season.

10 Days to try out any bat, as part of the Phoenix Challenge which gives you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

9 Phoenix Bats gift cards, to stuff the stockings of all the baseball and softball lovers on your Christmas list.

8 Different types of wood bats, including a wide range of vintage bats that are the perfect piece of nostalgia for any big time baseball fan that remembers the golden age of the game.

7 Models of wood softball bats, offering the right amount of pop and control for all softball sluggers.

6 Custom wood bats, they come in orders of 3 and are hand-made offering any ballplayer the perfect balance out of his or her bat, and better results at the plate.

5 Fungo training bats, for the coach at Christmas that is looking for help on the practice field or a training tool in the batting cage.

4 Pieces of merchandise for one price
, as part of a great Christmas deal, any model of maple bat, a pair of batting gloves and a Phiten necklace for $110!

3 Types of youth wood bats, for the beginner starting to swing a wood bat for the first time or the smaller slugger looking to move up in the wooden bat world.

2 Big Wood Bats! These heavy pieces of lumber are great training tools and can also offer that big bopper on your Christmas list an extra amount of pop at the plate.

And free shipping and engraving for all orders over $150!!!

Phoenix Bats can offer every holiday shopper a wide array of gift ideas that will be perfect for ballplayers of every shape, size and age. has offers that will make you forget about heading out to the sporting goods store this holiday season with shopping and shipping deals that cannot be beat. The nostalgia of wood bats has met the internet age and is offering the best gifts for the sports fan in your family. Phoenix Bats wishes you and yours a happy holidays!