Which Phoenix Wood Fungo Bat Is Right for You?

Which Phoenix Wood Fungo Bat Is Right for You?

Published by Phoenix Bats on Wednesday March 15th 2023 02:24:19 PM

What’s A Fungo Bat?

A fungo bat is a coach’s drill-running dream. When it comes to fielding practice, fungo bats are a game-changer for anyone who has to swat buckets upon buckets of balls—all in the name of baseball glory.

Fungo bats are designed to be held and swung with one hand, and are made to be comfortable to hold even after several rounds of drills. Just toss the ball up and swing away for casual grounders all afternoon. Need to pop some flies for practice too? We have that covered too.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our wood fungo bats!

Flat Coach’s Fungo

Check out our new Half Fungo - the latest addition to our fungo collection! It's perfect for changing up your warm-up or practice routine. Unlike regular fungos that give the same ground ball every time, the Half Fungo lets coaches hit ground balls with different spins. In a game, infielders deal with ground balls that have sidespin, topspin, and backspin—and this tool helps make training for those types of balls a breeze!

Typical user:

  • Coaches hitting fly balls and grounders that simulate real game contact
  • Prefers flared knob for comfort against side of bottom hand due to repetitive hitting
  • Coaches looking for more varied infield training

Phoenix Bats Flat Fungo Bats

Coach’s Fungo

The Coach's Fungo has become the popular choice of coaches due to the repetitive nature of hitting balls when using a fungo. The handle lacks a defined knob, resulting in less friction on the palm and side of the hand. The 34" size option is the most popular, but the product is also available in sizes ranging from 32" to 36".

Typical user:

  • Coaches hitting fly balls and grounders for long periods
  • Prefers flared knob for comfort against side of bottom hand due to repetitive hitting
  • Those who want more grip with sweaty hands

Phoenix Bats Coach's Fungo Bat

Infield Fungo

The good old infield fungo bat is a classic that still rocks! It's got a handle that flares out a bit before the knob, and it's perfect for hitting ground balls to the infielders. If you're a softball coach, this bat's slower handle-to-barrel transition makes it a solid choice for both grounders and fly balls.

Typical user:

  • Baseball coach for hitting grounders to infielders
  • Softball coaches hitting grounders and fly balls
  • Likes extra thickness in middle for more punch, best emulating speed of infield shots
  • Barrel length & weight works well for infield but can wear you down for overall use

Phoenix Bats Infield Fungo Bat

Pro Fungo

Want a versatile fungo bat to help you hit grounders and fly balls during team infield and outfield practice? Consider an all-purpose fungo!

The Pro Fungo bat, crafted from birch for durability and lasting performance, is the original style of fungo with flat ends. It has the same barrel and handle diameter as the Coach's Fungo but with a traditional knob instead of a knobless handle end that flares out.

Coaches who prefer to rest their hand on top of the bat knob typically choose the Pro Fungo over the Coach's Fungo, as it features a flat end design.

Typical user:

  • Coaches hitting fly balls and grounders
  • Prefers defined knob to catch bottom hand
  • Those who want a better grip with sweaty hands

Phoenix Bats Pro Fungo Bat

Phoenix Has Your Fungo Bat

The season's approaching fast and training is in full swing. Get your fungo bat today to keep your team in tip-top game shape. With you peppering shots around the diamond with your new fungo, you'll be fielding a team of baseball-gobbling monsters.

Shop our fungo bats here! Have a question? Contact us, or call us anytime at 614-873-7776.