Which Wood Bats Are the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Which Wood Bats Are the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Published by Phoenix Bats on Friday November 15th 2019 02:49:00 PM

The holiday season is fast approaching, and that means the holiday shopping season is already in full swing for many of us (and still a month and a half away for others of us). It can be a stressful time trying to think of the perfect gifts. But if you’re shopping for your favorite ballplayer, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a bat—or a package of bats—we wanted to give you a breakdown of our most popular bats, the BB71, R141 and V243. Our founder, Charles Trudeau, explains what makes each bat special and the different hitters each one benefits.

BB71 for leadoff hitters

The BB71 is perfect if you're just starting to swing a full-sized wood bat, coming up from our DR100 youth bat, or just wanting a little more bat speed. The BB71 is the lightest of the Phoenix wood bats with a length-to-weight difference (AKA drop weight) of -3. Like all of our bats, the BB71 is available in rock maple, northern white ash, or yellow birch. The BB71 professional series wood baseball bat (known in other circles as the C271) is great for the singles and doubles hitter. It features a slightly flared handle transition into the knob and a barrel that gives this wood bat nice pop to slap it into the gaps. It’s a great fit for the prototypical leadoff, second and ninth hitter in the line-up.

R141 for contact hitters

Are you the type of wood bat player who can knock the baseball out of the park on occasion but more often crushes line drives? Do you like a baseball bat that doesn’t have too much weight out in the barrel? If so, consider Phoenix Bats Professional Series R141, our most versatile wood bat. It’s very evenly balanced throughout and is a great choice for the whole team during wood bat games. Known elsewhere as the T141, an R141 bat helps deliver the gap shot that drives ‘em all in.

V243 for power hitters

If you’re a power hitter and looking for a great wood bat to launch it into the stands, try the V243 Professional Series wood baseball bat. Being a bigger-barreled wood bat, most of the weight is out at the end of the barrel. It was designed in such a way that it has been a very popular choice with our pro team’s equipment managers. So whether you’ve heard it called the V243 or C243, you can’t go wrong with this bat now that you’ve assumed the role of team “crusher." Whatever the wood type, you’ll be able to step up to the plate having the confidence that you can change the whole game with one swing of the V243.

For the hard-to-please baseball player on your list, these wood bats will not disappoint. Every wood bat is professional grade and can be custom-painted and engraved with a team name, player name or just an inspirational message. At Phoenix Bats, we’re always here and always happy to help. Chat with us online, or call us at 877-598-2287 to speak with one of our bat experts. Make this holiday one to remember for all involved. When you give the gift of a Phoenix bat, you’re giving a thoughtful, quality gift that can take your ballplayer to the next level.