Why Trophy Bats Are a Great Gift Idea for Loved Ones and Corporate Events

Why Trophy Bats Are a Great Gift Idea for Loved Ones and Corporate Events

Published by Phoenix Bats on Wednesday October 2nd 2019 02:00:02 PM

When it comes to giving, there are not many things more difficult than trying to find the perfect gift. We’ve all been there. You’re racking your brain trying to come up with something meaningful. You could be fraught with indecision, agonizing over what to get.

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, special occasion, or just because, you want to find something special that lets the recipient know how much they mean to you. You want something unique and thoughtful—something they’ll cherish forever.

If you’re shopping for your favorite ballplayer, or baseball or softball lover, then we have the perfect gift idea for you: Phoenix Bats custom trophy bats.

Picture this…

It’s your father’s milestone birthday, and he unwraps a beautifully engraved bat congratulating him on making it this far. Or it’s Mother’s Day, and Mom gets a heartfelt gift from her favorite All-Star thanking her for everything she does. Or your son or daughter hits their first grand slam, or their team wins a big tournament, and they get a personalized keepsake to commemorate the occasion.

When you give the gift of a personalized Phoenix trophy bat, your father gives you the biggest Dad-hug you’ve ever gotten; your mother’s eyes well with gratitude; your kid’s face lights up when they see their achievements immortalized. There’s no better feeling than giving someone a gift they truly appreciate. You can see it in their reaction, hear it in their voice and feel it in your heart. It just feels good to make someone else that happy.

Other custom gift ideas

With Phoenix trophy bats, you’re giving a custom-made keepsake personalized with a message from you. And we make more than just trophy baseball and softball bats. If you’re gift hunting for someone with different interests, we have other novelty trophies as well:

  • Mega golf tees to remember that first hole-in-one or big tournament win
  • Mini hockey and goalie sticks to celebrate a big-game hat trick or clean sheet
  • Military recognition bats for the service member or veteran in your life
  • Beat cancer bats to honor a loved one (100% of the proceeds go to cancer research)
  • Night sticks to thank your favorite law enforcement officer for their service
  • Tire thumpers just because tires need thumping

To showcase the importance of such occasions, we also offer beautiful display cases, wall mounts and desk pucks to exhibit and keep these treasured memories safe.

Custom trophies for corporate events

Phoenix custom trophies are not only thoughtful gifts, they’re also perfect for company awards and recognitions. Whether it’s for monthly competitions, quarterly and yearly awards or recognition of outstanding work, our custom trophies are sure to be a hit at any corporate event.

Award your top salesperson for knocking it out of the park; crown your MVP of the year; get your team matching mini bats as thanks for their great work; or slyly bestow a giant golf tee upon your boss who can’t stay off the links.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and it’s important for any organization to show their employees that they care. Phoenix custom trophies deliver the message and give your employees something nice and personalized to hold on to.

Customer testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. These are real comments from real customers who really loved our custom trophies:

Texas A&M baseball has been using Phoenix Bats for over 12 years. From their training bats to their fungos, there is not a practice or game that goes by that a Phoenix bat is not swung.

When it came time to renovate our players’ lounge, we were looking for a classy way to honor our former All-Americans—a way that would stand out to former, current and future Aggie baseball players. I knew exactly who to call on.

Phoenix Bats hit a home run with their trophy bats. From customization, customer service and how quickly then can turn around their product is truly amazing. Thank you, Phoenix Bats, for your commitment to making us better on and off the field.

– Jason Hutchins, Director of Baseball Operations at Texas A&M University

I LOVE the trophy bats and tees.

I have found the bats and tees to be AWESOME awards at golf outings and other baseball events. In fact, I used them when we hosted a Partner Appreciation Luncheon held at Huntington Park—home of the Columbus Clippers—and another at the Jack Nicklaus Museum—perfect!

They are an instant marketing success as folks display them in their lobbies, etc. It is “pub” for us and them us. I am happy to talk to anyone about Phoenix Bats!

– Jim Durham, President of Men’s Senior Baseball League; Treasurer of OSU Buckeye Baseball Diamond Club

We have this program for our Account Managers called the Home Run Club that will award a Phoenix trophy bat for increasing their revenue by $125,000 in total new revenue for a 3-month period. We award a natural wood, cherry or navy blue according to account type.

This is a highly competitive and anticipated award that we present at our company’s quarterly meetings,

– Priscilla Fink, Regional Administrative Assistant at ArcBestIt’s a great product that’s very distinguished in look and quality material that none of our competitors have as recognition for goals achieved.

– Larry Webb, Senior Account Manager at ArcBest; Home Run Club member

I take a lot of pride in being on this wall and being part of the Home Run Club. This is an accomplishment that as an Account Manager that you strive for.

– Charles Johnson, Senior Account Manager at ArcBest; Home Run Club member

Order your custom trophy bat today

Fret no more—you’ve found the perfect gift! Get ahead of the curve and order your custom trophy bat today. Choose from a variety of sizes and colored finishes, and personalize it with text and logo engraving.

Visit our product page now to get started on your order. Standard production time for trophy bats is 3 weeks, but we can do rush orders in as little as 2 business days (excluding shipping time). If you have questions or need help, our bat experts are always here to help. Chat with us online, or call us at 877-598-2287.