Warming Up

  • Start your hitting session with the 'High Tee' drill.
    • Put the tee chest high and stand in your normal batting stance.
    • When hitting, focus on staying on top of the ball
    • Also focus on getting the hands through the ball quickly
  • Work on hitting balls away then down the middle, then inside.
    • Most pitchers work the outside of the plate
    • Spend your practice time wisely by attacking those outside pitches
  • Bring the Tee down to a lower height and repeat working outside to inside

Working Out

  • When training for the season be sure to use a combination of workouts with weights and without
    • Training accessories like the TRX, Medicine balls and body weight exercises will help you gain functional strength
    • Training in a rotational plane helps with bat speed and power
    • Its typical for a pro to get a good workout in 3 times a week while training for the season and 2 times a week during the season


  • Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of being an athlete
  • Eat healthy: Fruits, vegetables and lots of fluids
  • Avoid fried foods especially during the season
  • Younger players want to be sure to have a good weight going into the season and try to maintain that through the season.
  • Hot weather and a lot of baseball can lead to muscle loss.
  • Be sure to eat healthy and keep your protein intake high

Tips for Getting Scouted

  • Play in the most competitive leagues with the best teams
    • College coaches are busy with their own season during the spring to watch High school players
    • By playing with the best of the best, scouts and recruiters will be in attendance and have an opportunity to see your skills
  • Go to showcases with multiple colleges and scouts
  • Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're willing to make the sacrifices necessary to take your game to the next level. Without 100% commitment, its unlikely to happen