Industry Standard 45-Day Wood Bat Warranty

We get it: wood bats can break. To help protect your investment in a premium quality Phoenix bat, we provide a one-time, 45-day, limited warranty. It is effective from day of delivery for baseball, softball, youth and vintage game and training bats of base price $75.00+. The warranty is applicable to purchases from our website and from our Plain City, Ohio-based staff. There is no up-front cost and no registration is required.

Have a warranty claim? It's quick and easy: just send us pics!

No need to send the bat in! All we require are six (6) very specific, high resolution*, digital photos of the bat:

Picture #1: Full bat from side of the break, with any handle tape removed.
Pictures #2-5: 4 pictures from each “side” of the barrel.

  • Show from the left of the Phoenix logo to just past the end of the barrel.
  • Start with a picture from the “side” of the engraving and logo.
  • Rotate the barrel 90 degrees for the next 3 pictures.

Picture #6: Close-up of the serial number found on the bottom line of barrel text engraving.

Email the 6 digital images to
Subject line: Warranty Claim (last 4 digits of order #)(Last name)
Include in the email:

  • Order number and date
  • Approximate pitch speed when the bat broke
  • Player specs (age, height, weight)

*A high resolution digital photo can be zoomed in without the picture getting fuzzy. If using digital pictures taken by a phone, be sure to use “original” for picture size.

If the pictures are not of proper resolution, you may be required, at your expense, to send us the bat. We will inform you of such via email. It is rare that this happens.

What happens after pictures are submitted?

A Phoenix Bats Plain City, Ohio-based representative will review your submission within 2 business days. A dual review process is used to insure nothing is missed. If the claim is deemed valid, a new bat will be crafted and shipped 2 business days after we inform you of claim status. A $35.00 claims processing fee is assessed to all accepted warranty claims, unless we determine it to be a pre-existing manufacturing issue. Payable by credit card, the fee is due prior to shipping the replacement bat.

When there is any reason for us to suspect it was a manufacturing issue (typically, a flaw in the wood, undetectable until the bat is used), we err on the side of the customer and replace the bat, including shipping**, at no cost. While such flaws are rare, it does happen.

The bat provided will be the same specifications and engraving as the bat for which the claim has been made. To protect against program abuse, the replacement bat does not include a 45-day warranty.

**Shipment of the replacement bat will be sent via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery within the continental USA. Expedited shipping of the warrantied bat back is available for an additional fee.

**Shipping expense for accepted warranty claims are at the customer’s expense, unless due to a manufacturing flaw. This includes tariff or duties charged by the ship to country. A quote will be provided by Phoenix Bats for such, with the least expensive transit method quoted.


Sadly, we have to protect against unscrupulous people. It happens. With that, there are some ways the warranty becomes void. If the purchaser has used the bat or training device:

  • With any ball heavier than a commonly accepted game ball or one that is not secured together with string stitching (ex. rubber balls, dimpled balls, batting cage balls, etc.).
  • To hit balls at speeds greater than appropriate for the age of the user.
  • In a manner to purposefully break it.
  • As a team or shared bat, utilized by more than one person.
  • Should the Phoenix logo be removed it immediately voids the warranty
  • Phoenix logo should be straight up or straight down at the point of contact (hitting on the stacked grain)
  • The hitting area is between the Phoenix logo and within 1 inch of the end of the on the left or right sides of the logo (Photo below for reference. Any ball marks outside of the Green zone void the bats warranty)
  • Outside the hitting area voids the warranty
  • Snapping a bat in half after it has broken voids your ability to file a warranty claim
  • To knock dirt from cleats
  • Throwing of the bat
  • Modifications done to the integrity of the bat in any way
  • Improper storage of bat(s) (in a car, garage, area exposed to the elements, etc.)

Ball markings and the break signature allow us, with the highest degree of confidence, to assess why the bat broke. We are not looking for excuses to deny a claim. We are only looking for those who try to abuse the program.

To that end, Phoenix Bats also reserves the right to deny a warranty claim to associated parties who have submitted 3 or more claims in a calendar year.

Clearance bats, apparel and accessories are not covered under warranty.

Please contact us at with any additional questions and for additional assistance.

Thanks for being a part of #TeamPhoenix