F110CB PUCK KNOB Wood Baseball Bat

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About the F110CB PUCK KNOB Wood Baseball Bat:

Are you a table setter on the baseball team—get on base, and then let the big dog drive you home? The F110CB Puck Knob Professional Series wood baseball bat is a great choice for the gap/line drive hitter who needs a little more to turn some outs in to hits. The F110CB Puck Knob Counter Balance bat is the same great F110 model we have offered for years but with the addition of the "PUCK KNOB". What is a puck knob? It's an additional one inch on the knob of the bat, that allows the balance point of the bat to shift down the bat towards the hitters hands, causing the bat to "feel lighter" while also creating an increase in swing speed. It also has a slightly thicker handle for the wood bat baseball player who is concerned about getting jammed.

When ordering, select the length and weight you desire/normally swing.  The bat will arrive 1" longer in static length than what you order, and 1-2 ounces heavier than what you order.  Example: If ordering a 33" bat and 30 ounce bat, your custom bat will arrive from end of puck knob to end of barrel at 34" and will weight 31-32 ounces.  Due to the puck knob, your bat will swing and feel like the length and weight you requested.

Typical user:

  • Singles/doubles hitter who can handle a little longer barrel (and a little extra weight) to get more extra base hits.
  • Player likes a thicker handle due to hand size or who adds a lot of tape (so why not put it in to the bat!).
  • Bigger youth who is ready for his first high school age bat. He's helped out by the nice balance of the F110.

Bat Stats:

2-1/2", slightly longer than typical singles/doubles/gap hitter bat
Handle: 1", slightly thicker than average diameter
Knob: Puck Knob Counter Balance adding 1" in length to the bat
Weight: Additional 1 - 2 ounces heavier than selection, creating the counter balance

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