O267 Wood Baseball Bat

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About The O267 Wood Baseball Bat:

The O267 wood baseball bat is a great fit for the power hitter and bigger gap hitter who is looking to save a few bucks but still wants a big barrel to crush it out. The O267 features a thicker handle like the very popular thicker handled F110. But, unlike the F110, the O267 wood bat has a big over-sized barrel.

While big barreled wood bats typically tend to be very top heavy (a lot of weight out in the barrel), the O267's thicker handle helds balance out some of the weight. This makes it a solid budget bat choice for the bigger player who has wanted a power hitter's bat but who has struggled with dropping the shoulder and turning the wrists due to bat weight imbalance. While still a reasonable choice for the bigger gap hitter with bigger hands, just remember the O267 wood bat is still considered more of a power hitter's bat and thus won't be as balanced as a R318, R141 or the like.

In using the weight of billet (the tube of wood we craft a bat from) that we do, the wood bat player gets some nice durability. This is especially true for a big barreled wood bat which, traditionally, is less forgiving.

Typical user:

  • Power hitter and bigger gap hitter who likes a thick bat all-around
  • Player that likes over-sized barrels and thick handles

O267 Wood Bat Stats:

  • Barrel: 2-5/8" big, cupped barrel
  • Handle: 1" thick handle in to enough knob to rest hand on
  • Knob: Enough knob to catch hand
  • Weight: -2 drop (length - 2 = weight). +/- 1/2 ounce variance

    Comparable competitor model: O267

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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by PK on Wednesday June 19th 2024 03:25:30 PM

    34 ash .. the thick handle makes this big barrel balanced.. all that mass makes a huge sweet spot..

  • 5

    Published by Mike on Thursday May 30th 2024 09:50:11 AM

    Fantastic bat, perfectly balanced. Ball jumps off the thick barrel

  • 5

    Published by Hector on Monday August 21st 2023 04:11:17 PM

    Great Bat, pop is incredible it feels great in my hand.

  • 5

    Published by Hector on Monday November 14th 2022 06:45:09 PM

    Great bat, this is my 3rd one I buy over 5 years, extremely high quality best bang for your buck on a custom made personalized baseball bat.

    Phoenix Bats 100% the best out there.

  • 5
    Although I am not by any means a power hitter, I still love the feel of the thicker handle. The wider barrel gives me the enjoyment of knowing I'm still going to get a little more distance then a balanced model on even when I make less than solid co

    Published by Bob Klemann on Thursday October 13th 2022 12:50:48 PM

    A big 'attaboy' for Christine R, who showed great patience and excellent knowledge in working with me to find the perfect bat for my game!

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