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About The Growler Vintage Wood Bat:

Forged from the firing sweat of three Phoenix individuals, we introduce our newest—and lightest—vintage bat: The Growler's light weight makes it a great choice for those looking for maximum bat speed or for those struggling with the thicker, heavier vintage base ball bats (no typo: baseball was two words back in the day!) The design keeps it authentic to the era and maintains the durability all have come to expect from a Phoenix vintage base ball bat. The balance of the Growler gives ballists a great opportunity to advance runners on a back side hit. Take a mighty hack and leg those two baggers into a three or four bagger!

Era: 1850s to 1860s

Typical user:

  • Vintage players circa 1850's to 1860's
  • Ballist wants maximum bat speed for more backside hits
  • New player not yet used to the thicker, heavier bats of the era

The Growler Vintage Wood Bat Stats:

Barrel: 2-3/8", very long and straight
Handle: 1" thin-for-era fairly straight handle
Knob: Thicker knob, with a lip to catch hand on
Weight: -5 drop (length - 5 = ounces)

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