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About The 161HD Wood Baseball Bat:

The 161HD offers the same thicker handle (almost 1") and same well-defined knob as the big diameter, long barreled P161 power hitter's bat. But, the 161HD's barrel design is more suited to the extra base hitter versus the pure power guy. He trades barrel diameter and some barrel length for more bat speed.

The barrel diameter is brought down to 2.48" at its max with a faster taper from barrel to handle than the original P161. The result: a really nice, thicker handled, balanced wooden bat with a wide knob to rest your hand on. And with the 161 HD being part of the new HD line, expect some additional durability versus most non-HD bats.

Our HD line of bats are made from the same high quality maple and birch wood as our other standard and pro models. To make them, we pull the billets (tubes of wood from which we craft our bats) that, due to weight, make great wood bats, but only in a limited number of models that have slightly smaller diameter barrels. The tweaked barrel is offset by the wood being denser. Denser wood = a stronger bat and more energy transferred to the ball. Try the 161HD and see why it provides a great combination of pop, durability and value.

All of our HD models ship SAME DAY if ordered by 12p est time as a NATURAL bat, or NEXT DAY if ordered by 12p est time with a MATTE COLORED barrel.  ALL HD models come cupped with Natural/No Finish handles.

Typical user:

  • 3,6,7-hole hitter in the line-up
  • Big hands guy wants more knob/bat speed
  • Wants the big bat feel in more manageable weight and durability

161HD Wood Bat Stats:

  • Barrel: 2.48" slightly weighted barrel (not as big as standard 161)
  • Handle: Medium flared, thicker 31/32" handle
  • Knob: Full knob rest hand on<
  • Weight: -2.5 drop (length - 2.5 = weight)

    Comparable competitor model: 110 or 161

All of our HD models are available in a 3 pack as well!

The 3 Pack HD Baseball Bats Pack: choose from ALL of our HD models.

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2 Reviews

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    Durable bat with loud contact

    Published by Eli on Wednesday June 17th 2020 09:48:18 AM

    I got myself a 33 inch 161HD model and immediately felt comfortable with it. I found a bat that I comfortable handle and extremely durable. When I barrel up the baseball the ball jumps off the bat and sound of crack of the bat is so satisfying. I recommend this bat to someone that wants to drive the ball into gaps consistently without worrying about the durability of the bat.

  • 5
    Great Performance and Consistency

    Published by Marc on Thursday May 28th 2020 03:53:21 PM

    I bought two (2) 33.5” 161HD Birch bats (black handle) for my son last summer. He is 190 Lbs and 5’11”. He is currently playing in College D1 School. The durability of these bats is incredible. The bats were used during the whole season (42 games), including scrimmages (8 games) and practices (5 BP practices a week) during the summer, when he played at the “All wood bat” Valley League in Virginia. In addition, even though in College they use metal bats, he practices 30% of his BP’s with wood bats during the college season. Bottom line, the bats were being used constantly. I had to replace the bats just a week ago (almost a year later) as he is preparing to play this summer in the “all wood bat” South Florida Collegiate Baseball league. The two new bats have the same specifications as the ones bought last summer. He is a +.300 hitter and with some “pop”. In my younger years, I played with “Ash” bats, as maple or birch did not exist. I was a little skeptical about having him use birch, as I was not very familiar with this type of wood and its properties. The bats are balanced and the “balance point” on the bats we have purchased are all identical to each other. I have not measured the COR (Coefficient of Restitution) or the “trampoline effect” as we call it in the golf industry, but it has to be high. The ball comes off the bat solid with great pop. The bats are also very consistent in weight. Last two bats we purchased had an overall weight 31.04 and 31.14 ounces. Considering the fact that manufacturers have much more limitations on the control of the mass properties of wood in relation to metal, it is impressive to see the consistency in overall weight, balance point and durability of these bats. My son loves the feel and sound of the bat, and we believe that he has not sacrificed or lost any carry distance. My son has a good chance of being drafted again (was drafted out of High School in 2016) and he believes that this bat has played a big role on his performance on the field. The price is very reasonable and the quality of the bat is second to none. Last but not least, the Customer Service was outstanding. Answered all our technical questions as well as delivering the product on time. The best part, the product is Made in the USA.

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