Making wood bats in Ohio for over 27 years

About Phoenix Bats

The Phoenix Bat Company, located just outside Columbus, Ohio, has been making premium rock maple, yellow birch, and northern white ash bats for over 25 years. Born out of a craftsman's garage, Phoenix now produces bats out of a state of the art, custom bat manufacturing shop. Here, we produce all our wood bats on the premiere lathe in the industry, the next version up from what that "little" company down in Louisville uses only for their big league pro players. Coupled with the use of only premium grade woods, we deliver the highest quality bat consistently, from bat-to-bat, year-to-year, to all our customers.

In 2000, our bats were approved for use by big league baseball players. Our pro players prefer Phoenix Bats for their tremendous pop and power. Much like the pros, demand for our bats has grown every year from players at every level, coming almost exclusively by word of mouth from thousands of very satisfied customers across the country. For pros down to little leaguers, for vintage bat leagues, softball teams, and coaches, we have a bat that everyone can fall in love with. The Phoenix brand is synonymous with power, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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