From vintage leagues to the Big Leagues

What Makes Phoenix Bats Different

At Phoenix Bats, we're proud to create your wood bats on the most advanced model of the most advanced lathe in the bat industry….and we're the only baseball and softball bat manufacturer to have it. Not only does it cut our wood bats to amazing precision, but it automatically sands it as well. Whether you order your next wood bat from us later in the season or years down the road, you'll get a Phoenix bat with the exact same specifications as the one you are ordering today.

To get a great baseball, softball, vintage, or training bat, you also need great wood. Rejecting wood that some other bat manufacturers accept means we are darn picky about the wood we use for your Phoenix bat. Upon delivery from the mill, every piece of wood is hand graded for quality and weight. Unlike many others, we do not cut your wood bat until your order comes in. This helps protect it from excessive moisture or dryness before finishing—conditions that weaken a bat. Quality, consistency, craftsmanship - pick up a Phoenix bat and you'll know this is not your big box store bought bat!

Quality, consistency, craftsmanship - pick up a Phoenix bat and you'll know this is not your big box store bought bat!

The bats that you guys made for my groomsmen, ushers and ring bearer in my wedding are awesome. They will love them.

Scott S | Columbus, OH

My son has been so impressed with the performance of his new Phoenix that after only two weeks of indoor cage work he has said, without question, this is is go to bat for the upcoming season!

Bret P| Wheaton, IL

The wooden bat from Phoenix Bats lasted at least three times longer than any we had ever purchased.

Amy L | Cincinnati, OH

I love your bats. They beat everybody else's. I'm a junior in high school and hoping to get drafted next year. And if I do I will be ordering my own custom phoenix bats. Thanks for giving us showcase players pro grade bats at a very fair price.

Drew D | Delaware

Just wanted to say thanks for getting my (vintage) bat to me on time. I used it in the tourney here in DC on Sunday and it's a great bat! At one point, nearly half the team was using it! Just wanted to let you know you have another satisfied customer!

Herb S | Bethesda, MD

I just wanted to thank you for getting the softball bat out in time for the OTL tournament here in San Diego. I love the bat. Unfortunately we are not as good at OTL as you are at making bats!

Dave K | San Diego

I received my bats today and I absolutely love them. I play baseball at Charleston Southern University and I used the bats in practice today. They are the best bats I have ever swung. I am going to use the bats in my wood bat league this summer. Again thanks.

Taylor B | Charleston Southern U.

I play in a Senior Slow Pitch Softball League. I have been using the standard Louisville Slugger $17 dollar bat for a couple of years as do most of the other players. One of our players had one of your bats. I used it and hit two home runs in one game. That was it...I had to get one for myself.

Vince D | Idaho

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the (trophy) bats for the seniors. The boys loved them and will have a unique memento of their high school baseball careers. I think of few of the adults were a bit jealous!

Lora C | Columbus, OH

I recently purchased a bat from you guys for my boyfriend's summer wooden bat league. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! He said it is the Best bat he has ever had and he hit Extremely Well with it!

Marlee K | Ole Miss University

You guys over at Phoenix Bats are absolute stars. It is rare to find the combination of an excellent product with even better customer service.

Bob E | San Diego, CA

I tried other bat companies and yours exceeded performance by far.

Mike C | San Diego