From vintage leagues to the Big Leagues

Company History

The Phoenix Bat Company is a specialized wooden-bat creator and manufacturer. Located just outside of Columbus, Ohio, the company produces premium rock maple, yellow birch and northern white ash baseball, softball, youth, practice and vintage game bats as well as presentation events for special recognition. Combining premium grade woods with the most advanced, state of the art lathe in the bat manufacturing industry, Phoenix Bats delivers high quality wooden bats consistently to big league players and little leaguers alike.

In 1996, Phoenix Bat founder Charley "Lefty" Trudeau was earning his living by restoring old houses. Charley also owned a small wood shop, which included an old lathe. During his downtime, Charley began playing 19th century baseball for the Ohio Historical Society. About five years into his time as a player, the Historical Society asked Charley to make some wooden baseball bats that would be typical of the 1860's. As word and interest about the wooden bats began to spread around the league, Charley's one time project began to turn into a passion and a dream: to consistently produce the highest quality wooden baseball bat on the market.

Born out of a small wood shop, Phoenix Bats now produces wooden baseball bats out of a state of the art, custom wood bat manufacturing shop. Finding its beginnings producing vintage baseball bats for vintage league players, Phoenix received approval for professional use in 2000. With this approval came several moves and upgrades into larger facilities, and the addition of a number of employees. Starting as one man's dream and hobby, Phoenix Bats now finds their wooden bats being swung by pro players, softball teams, hitting coaches, vintage leagues, and little leaguers.

As the company continues to grow, the Phoenix brand has become synonymous with power, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.