M61 Maris Vintage Wood Bat

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About The M61 Maris Vintage Wood Bat:

Maris, best know for hitting 61 homer runs in 1961, setting a new big league record. The previous mark was held by Ruth, set 34 years earlier. Interesting is that Maris' bat is surprisingly similar in girth as Ruth's bat...but a whole lot lighter as, 30+ years after Ruth, Maris faced very different pitching. But don't get fooled, Maris' bat is still very heavy compared to pro bats of today.

Era: c. 1950s

Typical user:

  • Vintage baseball collector looking for an exact replica of the bat Maris used
  • Player looking for a bat similar in girth as Ruth's bat but a lot lighter

The M61 Maris Vintage Wood Bat Stats:

Barrel: 2 3/5" big and feels more top heavy
Handle: Just over 1" and thick all the way through
Knob: Thicker knob, with a lip to catch hand on
Weight: 34 ounces

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