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About The Shoeless Vintage Wood Bat:

Replicated from the wood bat of the most famous/infamous ballplayer of the early 20th century to emerge from the Black Sox scandal.

The Shoeless is a huge vintage wood bat at 36.5” long, 2.5” in barrel diameter, rivaling the AA87 (Cap Anson model). While he swung a 48 ounce version, we’ve re-created this vintage bat in a bit more manageable version.

The Shoeless vintage bat is traditionally finished with a brown stain (java) to recall how this iconic ball player, featured in the movie "Field Of Dreams", used to spit his chewing tobacco on his bat to finish it..

Era: c.1910

Typical user:

  • Collector wants a replica bat of early 20th century's most infamous player
  • Vintage player wants a long, heavy bat with full knob to rest hand on
  • The perfect man cave bat. It's massive & ties to a great baseball movie


The Shoeless Vintage Wood Bat Stats:
Barrel: 2 1/2" large and long like AA87
Handle: 1 1/3" fairly straight but thick
Knob: Full knob to catch hand on
Weight: 40-44 ounces

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8 Reviews

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    Shoeless Vintage Wood Bat

    Published by Kyle Sturm on Monday June 5th 2023 12:12:01 PM

    This bat is an absolute beauty and the you can really tell the quality of the wood and the craftsmanship. It's a solid bat, with real nice heft to it. The bat was made, engraved, and on the way really quickly. Given the quality of the product and ease of purchase it is honestly beyond believable how good the price was. I can't recommend Phoenix Bats enough!!

  • 5
    Shoeless Bats

    Published by Aaron Daley on Friday June 24th 2022 04:16:18 PM

    These are my 4th and 5th iterations of this bat, and have loved them all. For a big person with big hands, the handles on these bats make it so easy, and I haven't hurt my hands on a swing since I started using the Shoeless bats.

  • 5
    A must have for all types of players. Lots of history. Reward yourself

    Published by Gregory Mendoza on Tuesday August 3rd 2021 10:47:55 AM

    I am looking for this same bat in the 48 ounce version that Shoeless Joe Jackson use to play with but in the pro baseball model.

  • 5
    Shoeless Joe Jackson

    Published by Andre Burgos on Tuesday June 29th 2021 06:49:06 PM

    Great bat, it has power that you can feel when you hit the ball. If only they can make it less than 35 oz. I would be using it in my adult league. I love the bat.

  • 5
    amazing bat take me back to 1919 Wold Series!!!

    Published by Rafa Ibarra on Sunday December 27th 2020 07:26:23 AM

    all players old and young need this bat!!

  • 5
    I love this huge, thick bat, I think Shoeless Joe is one of the best ever and he’s one of my favorite ball players, this is a great bat

    Published by Brandon Sumner on Thursday June 11th 2020 04:42:23 AM

    I love the bat, it’s big and heavy, great to practice with

  • 5
    5 Stars

    Published by Blaise on Thursday March 21st 2019 01:55:25 PM

    I couldn't be more pleased with this. I've been playing vintage base ball around the country for 19 years and this has a great feel to it and the craftsmanship is obvious. Nice tribute to Shoeless.

  • 5
    Beauty in the Beast

    Published by Michael on Saturday January 12th 2019 09:32:33 AM

    The sweetest power training bat ever. Use this awesome Shoeless throwback piece, and your BP thrower will have to work very hard to avoid becoming headless.

    Expect crowds to gather at the cages.

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