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    Softball bat

    Published by Alexander A. Nieves on Friday September 9th 2022 05:24:06 PM

    Phoenix Bats produced a game winner for me. This sensational work just catapulted in into the championship this past Sunday. I am forever great full .

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    Published by Chris elliott on Monday June 20th 2022 12:26:06 PM

    Gorgeous bat. Swings nice. Ball jumps off the bat great control thru the zone

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    IT'S A BEAUTY!!!

    Published by Cody Torres on Thursday June 16th 2022 09:42:54 AM

    The bats weight is just perfect, the amount of pop is amazing. My team used the bat and they all decided to switch too #TeamPhoenix
    I will be doubling up for sure #TeamPhoenix

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    Softball bat

    Published by Don Farabough on Friday May 13th 2022 08:00:26 PM

    Signature from 1967 check was engraved so cool. Was planning on using in Sr slow pitch. It may be ART instead. Beautiful!

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    Doubled up

    Published by John on Wednesday September 15th 2021 12:56:32 PM

    Bat was so good I immediately bought another after BP. You can hit the ball with pop anywhere you want with this thing!

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    Overly impressed

    Published by John Fye on Friday September 10th 2021 08:22:46 PM

    I'm a big power hitter but wanted to give the sb3 a shot (as inhave all the Phoenix bats). Wow! Thing is fire right away and crushes the ball with great control. Not to mention thier customer service is as good as the bats! Thanks phoenix team!

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    Published by Brad on Friday July 9th 2021 10:25:50 AM

    I did the fast ship and didn't have all the custom features available. But what I did get to pick looks even better than I expected and the bat hits really well.

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    Published by Mike Digulimio on Wednesday July 7th 2021 05:57:13 AM


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    Better feel , more control and Power!!!

    Published by William Martens on Tuesday July 6th 2021 08:19:40 PM

    The SB3 has a less flared knob which I feel gives me more control and power compared to the previous model I used which was an SB7. I chose not to cup the end on this particular bat for a better look. Phoenix you hit it out of the park once again!!! I would definitely recommend this model.

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    Beast Mode

    Published by Alexander Nieves on Thursday May 20th 2021 08:26:45 PM

    OMG! I Love my bat! I don’t even feel the ball jump off it, for a wooden bat that’s amazing. I’ve never had any issues with any Phoenix Bats. My league and teammate have taken notice soon I’m okay being the envy of everyone.

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