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    I purchased 2 of these, weight and feel are great. You have to be strong to get this one around, just a few minor imperfections on both bats on the barrel. Other than that feels great and looks good.

    Published by Kerry on Saturday June 11th 2022 10:30:23 PM

    Nice bats, happy I made the purchase.

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    Babe ruth bat

    Published by Brian on Monday December 6th 2021 04:41:52 PM

    My boys play ball and have been watching bat bros on YouTube. So we've been trying to hit dingers like them. It wasn't going well so I got this bat. And wow does the ball fly off this mammoth. Crushed a 465 footer. Only down side Is I get tired out quickly and sprained my wrist. O ya and also fell down swinging. Lol but was so fun and worth it! Thanks for the bat!

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    I love the power of this bat!

    Published by Indy Neidell on Monday November 8th 2021 11:10:48 AM

    I imagine most people buy this as a display model, but this is my game bat of choice. Amazing balance. And if you think you can't swing a 40 ounce bat, go back to those words "amazing balance". Just a really wonderful, BIG mother of a bat. I play in division one in the Swedish national leagues, and solely use the Babe Ruth bat for all practices and games these days. Can't sing its praises enough.

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